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Blog: A World Without T-Shirts

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I've just got back from another trip to the post office, LADEN with parcels - thanks again to everyone who's LEAPT for a CD, it's VERY VERY VERY much appreciated! I underestimated the number of booklets I had, so everyone so far has been able to have one, but there's only about 20 left now, if anyone would still like one.

Of t-shirts, however, there are nearly NONE. This morning the last Ukelele T-Shirt went off to the USA, and there are only THREE of the small Hey Hey 16K t-shirts left too. Only a couple of days ago I had a MASSIVE PILE of t-shirts BLIGHTING the view from the desk in my Home Office, sitting looking at me, as if to say "you pillock, why on earth did you order so many of us?" but now they are GONE!

In some ways it feels rather sad, especially getting down to the last few Hey Hey 16K t-shirts - they've been one of the most succesful and LIKED things we've ever done, and are the only items of MERCHANDISING that i've EVER had to re-order, but I feel it is time at last to CEASE the re-ordering. The video was SEVERAL years ago now, after all, and until it gets re-released on Three Dimensional Brain Holograms when we hit Web 5.0 I doubt they'll be much call for them any further.

And also it means there's PLENTY of room for the boxes and boxes and boxes of copies of the new album that sit lined up against the wall at the moment. I wonder if they'll FLY out to new homes quickly, or whether they'll still be with me when the Hey Hey 16K t-shirts are released in an Outer Space Friendly variant?

posted 23/4/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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Am unwrapping the plastic sleeve from the CD as we speak. Very exciting!!
posted 23/4/2009 by Mark in Leeds

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