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Blog: The Mercury Music Prize

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Yesterday lunchtime i headed OUT WEST to Westbourne Park, home of (the offices of) The Mercury Prize. After a DELIGHTFUL stroll along the Grand Union Canal (ooh, it was a lovely day) and some BRANE STRESS trying to work out how to get into the building I was able to hand over 25 copies of the new album, a DVD of relevant vidoes, a PRESS PACK, an entry form and just under TWO HUNDRED QUID and thus secure our entrance into this year's competition.

"What on earth are you doing THAT for?" you may well ask. "Isn't this a ludicrous waste of CA$H, also CDs?" Well, it may be, but wasting money in the hope of GOOD TIMES has hardly been something to stop me before now and it's not like there is a CD shortage in my house. Also - you've got to have a go, haven't you?

Throughout the recording of the album we spoke of it as a CLEAR WINNER for various prizes, mostly The Mercury, and we JOKED about actually entering it. My curiousity was PICQUED and, once I found out how we COULD enter, a little BRANE BUG started buzzing saying "Why don't you? Eh? Go on! You never know!"

Clearly in this case you can have a PRETTY GOOD GUESS, but still - wouldn't it be AMAZING if we got nominated eh? For RADIOHEAD or somebody it'd be just another annoying engagement on the social calendar, but for us it'd be FANTASTIC - like when we did the Maida Vale Session or got in Rolling Stone, a proper EVENT - and i can assure you, dear reader, we would not only APPRECIATE it but very much MAKE THE MOST OF IT.

In fact - hey! Mercury Judges! In case you're GOOGLING us right now, let me make this SOLEMN PROMISE: if you put us on the Shortlist we will NOT let you down. We WILL turn up for every opportunity to SHOW OFF LIKE MAD. We WILL get as drunk as humanly possible at any and all award ceremonies, press junkets, TV appearances, coffee mornings etc etc and will speak CLEARLY, POLITELY and with SOME DEGREE OF WIT when asked to do so, rather than mumble self-consciously and adjust our haircuts. And, best of all, we will perform Do The Indie Kid at the awards ceremony itself. INCLUDING THE MUSIC OF THE FUTURE.

And if that's not worth 200 quid and a walk in the sunshine, then I don't know what is!

posted 2/6/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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Woo! :-D That's fantastic!

posted 2/6/2009 by Nick

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