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Greetings from scenic Edinburgh, where we're now fully ENSCONCED. Last night was our first show, which seemed to go pretty well. There were a few CHILDREN in, which was a bit worrying but they did not appear to be too MENTALLY SCARRED. Two of them fell asleep (after getting VERY involved with the Evisceration Section) but the other was SUPER KEEN. "I want a sequel. NOW!" he said afterwards. I had a grim foreboding of him working in a comic shop ten years hence, blaming ME.

The reason for the kids turning up was probably because of the DINOSAUR content, so i was glad for Steve's advice MONTHS ago to omit any swearing. I'm still a bit worried that we'll get LOTS of kids, mostly because of the DINOSAUR COSTUME. As long-threatened Steve has GOT a Space Dinosaur costume and spent a happy hour on the Royal Mail yesterday SCARING young children. Most of the seemed to enjoy it and only one actually cried, and we DID give quite a few out to adults, including the owner of Games Workshop!

We also bumped into comics illustrator Kev F who said "Aaah, PC 49 from Eagle!" when he saw the flyer's inners, and seemed to take it in his stride when I said "YOU'RE Kev F! OOH!" He's doing The Scottish Falsetto Sock Theatre thing, so hopefully we'll go and see that. We've only seen ONE show so far,"Old Rope", which was dead good BUT was in The Teviot which, twenty years (nearly) ago was The Fringe Club where I did The Gig That Ended My Career In Comedy. It was a LONG time ago and the room where it happened seems to have changed beyond (my) recognition, but the building itself still felt eerily familiar and I did get a twinge of THE FEAR to be there again.

In other news, our flat is very nice, although it is in a somewhat "mixed" neighbourhood. On the plus side we have an almost TOO NICE pub 30 seconds from our front door, The Blue Blazer, which we've already popped into a couple of times. It's LOVELY - if i don't see any more shows it's because I was in THERE. On the downside the area is apparently known as The Pubic Triangle due to the LARGE number of strip clubs. It's a little disconcerting to see strippers on their fag break as we wander into town, and MORE than disconcerting to hear The Swingers Club next door in full SWING, as I did last night!

All in all though things are going GRATE so far - very long lie-ins, delicious BEER, curry and ROCK have been the order of the day, let's hope it continues thus for the next week!

posted 8/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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Hi, Mark - we were approximately half of your first night audience, and very much enjoyed the show.

Don't fret about Captain Enthusiastic - he is genetically and environmentally programmed to be a nerd already.

I think your show is fine for a reasonably robust nine year old - anyone who is not too scared by the current series of Dr Who should be fine and will get enough of the jokes.

Glad to read that you got a bigger (and presumably better) audience later in the week, and I hope the rest of your time in Edinburgh is fun.

Best wishes, elfwhistletree
posted 13/8/2009 by Anonymous

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