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Blog: Whole Lotta Showbusiness

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Yesterday we set out with a firm intent to see some SHOWS, and DID. Yet another ROUTE MARCH across this fine city found us back at The Canon's Gait to see Rich Sandling's Perfect Movie. It was LOVELY - he seemed like such a nice bloke that it was hard not to join in with the show and CHAT to him, but that appeared to be what he was after as he asked people for their favourite movies and was very funny INDEED about them. He was so good, in fact, that we decided to stroll back to The Pleasance to see his other show, Kiosk Of Champions, which was ALSO dead good. In the interim we sat around a bit and FORCED some flyering. The Hewitts went and did some Dinosaur Chat, I RAN round Hullaballoo throwing flyers at people and then hiding. ADVERTISING!

I also got a call from The Herald asking for a picture, and managed to talk the chap through downloading one from the webpage. Whether it would be a good review or just one saying "Look at this idiot!" i did not know.

More lurking round trying to flyer led me to bump into John The Publisher, who'd come up specially to see the show, which was IMMENSELY cheering, as we'd only sold 3 tickets. Things got even cheerier as LOADS more people turned up on the door - 20 people may not sound like a HUGE AUDIENCE to the likes of J Bon Jovi or C Martin but it felt pretty marvellous to me. We also had yet ANOTHER reviewer in, this time from Fest... which won't come out until we've gone, but still. He was wearing a DINOSAUR T-SHIRT which I hope bodes well, althought what if he's a DINOSAUR PURIST?

Anyway, the show was, I reckon, the best yet, even if i DID get a bit over-excited and almost miss out TEN MINUTES of it by leaping straight past the theme tune. EDITTING WIZARDRY saved the day tho. It was all caused by a change to the start,lopping off the whole bit about "War Of The Worlds" and going straight into the OVERTURE. I think i worked, I'll try it that way again tonight, hopefully without messing everything else up!

Afterwards we went to the PUB for some PUB GRUB, also BEER, and then wandered over to The Teviot to see Old Rope again. It was really rather good, there was Chris Martin (not that Chris Martin), a girl doing her first ever stand-up who was surprisingly good, a Posh Bald Man whose name I can't remember (but who involved Dr Thomson in discussion of ARRESTS) and then Rhys Darby who, despite me never really getting into The Flight Of The Conchords (TOO CLOSE TO TRUTH), was very very funny indeed.

There was then only time for a quick visit to The Blue Blazer for lasties before bedtime. I awoke this morning, however, to some good news on the review front - I'd been slightly AFEARED of what The Herald would say, but they ended up being very complimentary and then Mr S McHugh gave us a GRATE review over in Is This Music?. HOORAH!

A nice start to the day which will see us switching to a 3.30 show. Hopefully this will engender a less pub-based approach to the show, but we can only wait and see. In the meantime, for me at least, itis LAUNDRY DAY! ROCK AND ROLL!
posted 14/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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