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Blog: Bank Holiday Business

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For several months now, with all the ACTION that's been occurring, I have been letting things SLIDE a little on the Personal Administration front, to the extent that things are in a right old STATE. My desk at home is buried beneath piles of paper (various) and the desks have become a place I open, STUFF things into, and then close quickly before the pile of unstable items EXPLODES at me.

Since around APRIL I have been saying to myself "I'll sort it out after Edinburgh" and, as not only OUR attendance but the WHOLE FESTIVAL has now drawn to a close I thought it was time to get started. I've got a week off at the end of the month when I'm hoping to do a LOT of this filing, chucking out, recycling etc etc but i'd also quite like to have some RELAXATIME then so on Monday I began the process of some MINOR SORTING.

It's amazing how enthusiasm can WANE, isn't it? I'd bought myself some BIG BLACK BIN BAGS especially, as they are KEY to any Massive Clearout (ideal for Charity Shop Destined Clothing Items AND for non-recyclable crap) but found even THESE could not maintain my interest for more than about ten minutes. Still, in between the bursts of lethargy i DID manage to get quite a lot done, including a big chunk of ONLINE UPDATES, which I've been putting off for AGES.

THUS I've finally got around to doing the reviews page for Regardez, Ecoutez Et Repetez, and there's RATHER a lot of them there! You may notice that I have NOT included any of the BAD reviews we got, partly because they were just too ANNOYING and partly because - HEY! - it's MY website! I couldn't help but notice, though, when I went through them, that the vast majority of the GOOD reviews were from places _I'd_ sent the album to, and nearly ALL of the BAD ones were from places the PR Company had sent them to. Almost as if they didn't bother to listen to the album or think about who to send it to and just used a bog standard mailing list featuring loads of completely inappropriate places that were BOUND to hate it. But surely that can't be right, can it?

ANYWAY, I ALSO updated the Dinosaur Planet webpage, which now also features REVIEWS as well as a long list of ALL the times it's been performed.

Glamorous Showbiz Producer S Hewitt and I had agreed that we WOULDN'T talk about future shows until AFTER the festival itself had finished. THUS it was YESTERDAY - MINUTES after the official ending - that I got an email from him to arrange a MEETING to do this very thing. HOORAH! We're going to talk about doing a TOUR, and also to start thinking about NEXT year when, I THINK, we're going to do a slightly AUGMENTED version.

And talking of AUGMENTING, I ALSO started on the SCRIPT for the ALBUM VERSION, which we'll be recording soon. I've been thinking about this quite a lot, knowing that I'm going to need to cut down the talky bits quite a lot, losing some of the more CHATTY bits that work all right in The Live Arena but would probably get a bit annoying if listened to more than once, and i had a couple of VERY exciting BRANE STORMS yesterday about ways that I could make the whole thing move a LOT more quickly, especially at the start where it drags a bit, whilst KEEPING most of the JOLLITY. It's awfully good fun, especially as I'm typing it up as a proper script, with SCENES and (V/O) and F/X and EVERYTHING!

I'm also completely re-doing one of the songs from SCRATCH, like what they do for Proper Broadway Shows! It's going to be GRATE!

posted 1/9/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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