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Last night, for probably the first time in my life, I had FUN in a Record Shop! I KNOW!

For LO! I strolled gently eastwards to Pure Groove to meet Mr J Jervis, Mr Joel Mellin and several other delightful people to take part in their Pop Quiz. Joel is the same J Mellin who is part of the mighty Stereorrific Recording Empire and is over from The Americas for a week or so, mainly to see a DANCE GROUP doing a production involving his DIGITAL SOUNDS (I was AWESTRUCK) but also to potter around a bit. I've known him for YONKS via the magic of the interweb but had never met him in real life so this was a chance to rectify the situation.

It seemed that everyone had HIKED their as we each arrived out of breath before settling down to some chat and BEER. It turns out that Joel is PRECISELY as delightful as he always seems on the interweb (i.e. LOTS) and everyone else was dead good too, DESPITE the fact that we were in a Record Shop, usually a PALACE OF UNPLEASANTNESS. This one was very different - to be fair, they only seemed to have about EIGHT records on sale, the rest of the room being made into a BAR, staffed with some of the least Record Shop Staff ESQUE people you could meet, which made it all seem RATHER jolly.

The JOLLINESS continued as we BRANESTORMED a quiz team name ("Quorn In The USA" - MEAT (it's near Smithfield's Market and there was a MEAT theme to the quiz) + ANTI-Meat + USA plus Springsteen connection = GRATE NAME JOY) and then hit the Quiz which VEERED alarmingly between very very hard and very very easy (e.g. "Which film is this?" as we are shown a trailer... with the title in huge letters).

Now, I've been to many pop quizzes and been involved in some Unusual Rounds - top of the pile would be Charlie Fighting Cocks being our delegate in an ARM WRESTLING round in Leeds - but I've never seen COMPETITIVE DRINKING involved before. Maybe I've just led a sheltered life? This was made more unusual by the fact that people were drinking MEAT COCKTAILS e.g. Sausage & Vodka, Martini With Ham in it. It sounded revolting and apparently it TRULY WAS so I was even more pleased than usual to be out of that particular menu area, but I must say that I'm surprised that there ISN'T more (non-meat-based) competitive drinking involved in quizzes. Perhaps it's illegal or something?

I didn't stop to see if THE ROZZERS arrived as I needed to get home ready for a Big Day At Work (also known as Last Day Before Holidays) today. It seems that we only came THIRD in the end, but HEY! It's the taking part that counts, right?

posted 18/9/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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