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Blog: The First Draft

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As well as holidaying there have been many GRATE STRIDES forward into the shimmering future of ROCK, not least a MIGHTY MILESTONE on the road towards the presentation of Dinosaur Planet: THE CONCEPT ALBUM!

I'm sure I've spoken of this before, but the basic idea is that we take the STORY and SONGS of Dinosaur Planet (the Fringe show version) and REVERSE ENGINEER it into a proper Concept Album. Not one of these half-arsed so-called "concept albums" that EVERYBODY seems to be doing at the moment, where the only way you'd KNOW it was a concept album is because it SAYS so on the cover (Murdoch, S - I am especially looking at YOU), but a PROPER one with TALKING between the songs and EVERYTHING. PROPER!

With this in mind I've spent odd moments over the past few weeks working on the script, which has been HECKLOADS of fun - especially when it came to the bits with The Space Dinosaurs dancing THE HORNPIPE. The story has been very VERY slightly tweeked, one song has been dropped, TWO new songs have been inserted and the whole thing came to a glorious conclusion on Sunday when i came home early from Leytonstone Car Free Day and FINISHED it.

And look how PLEASED i was to have done so!


It's very much just a first draft at the moment, there's lots of tidying up to do and re-GAGGING, but it does seem to hold together surprisingly well. And the new songs sound ACE - I have spent MANY happy hours singing "Literature Search" especially. We start recording the SONGS in a few weeks and then, hopefully, the DIALOGUE around Christmas ready for release - and I'm sure I shall look back and LARF at my foolhardy optimism here, but still - next summer.

A man can DREAM, can't he? And when that DREAM features Space Dinosaurs and Giant Robots, who wouldn't want to join him?

posted 22/9/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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