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Blog: The Holiday Continues

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Morning all, on this most auspicious of mornings for LO! It is The BIRTHDAY of The Hours In My Day! Later there will be Special Lunch, Special Tea, Special Booze and THE PRESENT PRESENTATION, and REJOICING will be all around!

In the meantime, holidays have been carrying on DELIGHTFULLY. We went to South Woodford on Monday to take the MASSIVE CLEAROUT items to a charity shop. We used to take them to one locally, where the staff were HORRID and SCOWLED at you if you brought them anything, but now that's closed so we can go to this NICE one instead, where a lovely lady LUGGED the whole lot away with a smile and a HEAVE HO.

There's also been some further ROCK ADMIN carried out. I've mastered the CDs for the My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once single and sent them to the lovely people at Short-Run CD on Tuesday. Apparently they're being delivered TODAY! They really are BLOODY GRATE, Short-Run, i recommend them WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

As I do for Wee Badgers who processed and sent out my order of BADGES in the similar time. After years of having to deal with SHYSTERS and FLIPWITS it's brilliant to have got the point where we can deal with fantastic people like these who do EXACTLY what they say they're going to do, FASTER than you'd think possible at DECENT prices. HOORAH!

The badges say "MY BOSS WAS IN AN INDIE BAND" and will be coming FREE with each copy of the single, which also contains the bootleg of Dinosaur Planet from the last night in Edinburgh AND, in a fit of extreme Being Organised, the VIDEO which I finished the other night. I have to say, much as I like all the other videos that we've done this one is FAR and away my favourite. There's parts that make me LARF just to THINK about them - it'll be online in a couple of weeks to go along with the single, i hope you will ENJOY it!

So yes, that's pretty much what's been occurring, alongside a LOT of Watching Telly, Chatting, Walking, Drinking Tea and generally having a LOVELY holiday. I recommend Costa Waltham!

posted 24/9/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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