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Blog: A Big Day Out

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Evening all, you find me relaxing at home after a hard day back at the office. It must have been a GRATE holiday tho, as I strolled back to work with a glad heart and an easy mind, RELAXIFIED to the MAX.

Since last we spoke much holiday ACTION occurred, especially on Friday when we went on a Big Day Out. The FUN TIMES commenced in... er... Hampstead Garden Suburbs. We'd heard MUCH about it so decided to have a LOOK, walking from East Finchley to Golders Green. The first half was a bit dull and featured The Least Exciting High Street... EVER, but once we got to the bit with Big Wood and Little Wood in it (that's what they're actually called!) it got MUCH nicer. It was a GORGEOUS day too so we got sun-tanned as we strolled among some AMAZINGLY posh houses. We got to the Central Square where there's two VERY ugly churches, and went inside one (St Jude On The Hill, i think) to discover a LOVELY lady Church Warden who told us all about the history of the Social Experiment in the area. She was GRATE and the inside was a LOT nicer!

Then we went back into town for LUNCH at Hummus Brothers. It involved a LOT of hummus and some DELICIOUS lemonade and a FAB afters called Malabi. I've never had anything like it before, it was sort of like gooey milk, with Honey that tasted like treacle, but I would like it AGANE.

We rounded the day off with a look at the Indian Garden at The British Museum, a trip to the comic shop, and then various points of interest in JOHN LEWIS for the use of VOUCHERS. We returned home tired but happy, SUNTANNED and relaxed. We'd thought of going to BRIGHTON for the day but actually staying closer to home was much nicer and EASIER, tho it would've been nice to have a PADDLE in the sea.

But then, I had that still to come, for next day I was heading to BLACKPOOL...

posted 28/9/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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