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Blog: ESSEX!

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I got the train to ESSEX last night - well, it was the train to Shenfield, which GOES through Essex. Exciting London FACT: EVERY Train (according to me) that leaves Liverpool Street Station goes to SHENFIELD. But why? I actually went there once, and it's basically Melton Mowbray. Now, I like Melton Mowbray, it is delightfull, but I don't think it would benefit from 50 trains an hour going there, so why is Shenfield so blessed?

ANYWAY I got off before then at the aforesaid Brentwood and was met by Mr Paul Golder, Station Supremo of Phoenix FM who, much to my surprise, said it'd been nearly two and a half years since I'd last been there. I couldn't believe it - i knew I'd last been to play at the station's opening day (I'd been over beforehand when the station just had a Temporary Licence, but this was the day they became a full-time community station) but I didn't realise it was THAT long ago. Crikey!

We got set up (i.e. Paul made me a cuppa) and went in to the little studio (i should say ONE of the studios, they now have TWO - it all looks dead PROPER!) and got going. We kicked off with a bit of a chat followed by a whizz through My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once. He then played a couple of songs including one by Art Brut which prompted me to say "AHA! I have an Eddie Argos Story!" which I then told in a VERY LONG WINDED WAY during our next bit. I kept getting DISTRACTED by THORTS - before we'd begun Paul had said he was getting a sore throat and couldn't talk much, but "that shouldn't be a problem for you". I'm sure I don't know WHAT he meant. AHEM.

I then did A Little Bit and It Only Works Because You're Here, with a small cock-up in the latter when I got DISTRACTED again, this time by trying to PLAY UP for the web cam, then after another couple of records there was EVEN MORE CHAT and Hey Hey 16K

Job done! Paul put on two LONG records so he could give me a lift to the station, and then that was that. It all FLEW by and I had a LOVELY time - it feels like ages since I last did a RADIO BROADCAST, it's always tremendous fun. Well, it's playing songs and talking about myself, two of my FAVOURITEST THINGS!

posted 9/10/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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