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Blog: Gig Excitement

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I must have been in a funny old mood when I was poorly - I distinctly recall thinking last week "I hope no more gigs come in at all, then I can have a few months off and maybe not do any more gigs again". Now I am almost back to my Peak Fitness (bar HACKING COUGH) I've just looked at the gig listings and thought "EEK! TWO gigs in December then that's IT!?!?"

I'm definitely still thinking of having January OFF tho - it was GRATE having some time at home this month, even if a large proportion was spent lying in bed Being Very Brave and SWEATING, and if i DON'T do gigs then I can focus a bit more on RECORDING. My panic may have been EXACERBATED somewhat also by the fact I'm getting VERY excited about the gig we're doing tonight in Brixton with Tender Trap. Sometimes I have gigs where i SLOPE OFF in a NONCHALANT style, but for this one I've got the EXCITEMENTS! OOH!

I've played at Brixton Jamm many many MANY times - it was one of the few places VOON ever played in London, when it was called The Old White Horse (although we THOUGHT we were playing at the rather more famous/prestigious White Horse in Hampstead...) and I've been back LOADS of times to play solo gigs - but this is the FIRST time we've ever done a Validators gig there. I think it's going to be GRATE - they have GEAR already set up, a big sound system and a VERY high stage that feels like you're at WEMBLEY or something.

I wish I could look forward to tomorrow's blog and see how it turns out!

posted 22/10/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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Are you still thinking about doing FAWM next year? I can't wait, I wish every month was February, although I suppose that would get confusing after a while.
posted 23/10/2009 by tom

I'm hoping to - i did entertain grand dreams of doing NANOWRIMO this year but i think that's pretty unlikely now!
posted 23/10/2009 by MJ Hibbett

NANOWRIMO terrifies me! I briefly considered it but then realised I have never written anything longer than a song. Somehow these events always appeal, though...

posted 23/10/2009 by tom

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