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Blog: Song Saturday

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It was an Exceedingly Productive weekend of ROCK this weekend. On Saturday I finished off a demo of a song called "Full Power To The Forward Thrusters" which i NEARLy finished a couple of weeks ago but then got waylaid by POORLINESS. I'm not sure what to do with it really - the original idea came from seeing a batch of ADVERT BRIEFS that said "Must sound a bit like The Killers" (The Killers appear to have taken over from Badly Drawn Boy as the band ALL Advertising Types thing is KEWL), one in particular saying it should not only SOUND like The Killers but be the same TEMPO as one of their songs. I thought I'd have a go, so wrote an RIFFALICIOUS MONSTER of a track... which became significantly LESS monstrous the more of my vocals I put onto it. Still, it sounds rather GROOVY, I think, so it MAY make the slow walk onto the next lot of album recordings.

Well, the next BUT one album, of course, as we're currently knee deep in Dinosaur Planet. At the JAMM gig last week Frankie pointed out that, now that it has transformed into more of a MUSICAL for the recorded version, the SHOW is lacking a LOVE SONG. He is of course correct and so I set my BRANE to thinking a) where could such a song fit in b) who might sing it and c) what it might sound like. On Friday INSPIRATION struck about which two existing characters might fall in love, and on Saturday I realised that that could work REALLY well as part of the plot. For those who've seen it, it's basically the leader of the Dinosaur Armies and THE GENERAL, Terry's mother, and my initial attempts to write an entire song around the crap joke "My Arms Are Too Short To Hold You" (he's a T-Rex, you see and... yes) were thankfully deemed Null And Void when the song "Strangely Attractive" popped into my MIND. Here's the first verse:
You're a Dinosaur
I'm a general
If you want reasons to keep apart
I can think of several
But the problem is this:
I find you very very very strangely attractive

HANKIES AT THE READY, it gets even MORE Delightfully Romantic as it goes along!

And on top of all THAT I also managed to FINALLY finish off a song for Maps Magazine's Halloween Special. Paul The Editor sent a mailout a little while ago asking for contributions, and I spent ages SLAVING over a new song about a SPOOKY TRIP to The Odeon Cinema, Taunton some years ago. If anyone HASN'T heard this story, GRAB me next time you see me and I shall tell it, but be warned: IT WILL FRIGHTEN THE VERY LIFE OUT OF YOU.

Unfortunately the song itself turned out to be rather more DULL than the story upon which is was based, and I couldn't get it to work at all. Then I suddenly realised: HANG ON! If they want songs that are spooky, then why not record the SPOOKIEST SONG OF ALL? And thus it came to pass that I spent some very happy hours recording YET ANOTHER version of "Rather Spooky", a song originally written by Mr Robin Hare for The Masters Of Nothing then revamped by myself and Dr N Brown for VOON. It's a GRATE song and it was HUGE HEAPS of GOOD TIMES recording it, not least because I knew ALL the words off by heart. Almost as if I have been singing it for twenty years - EEK!

A good day for SONGS then, and good preparation for the day of ROCK that was to come on Sunday...

posted 26/10/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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