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Blog: iTunes and Questions

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I've got TWO things to tell you about today, i shall do them in the following order: The First shall be first, The Second shall be second. It's a crazy idea but it just might work.

FIRST: The download for I Got You What You Want For Christmas IS on iTunes, honest, but it may be a bit difficult to find due to it being mislabelled. It's on there as "Got you what you want" by "MJ Hibett". I don't know how that happened - it's fine on the Amazon shop so I don't know why it'd go wrong for iTunes. Helen at Helen Llewelyn Product 19 says that they ALSO got a couple of songs labelled the wrong way round, which seems to me to indicate that a SURLY YOUTH, possibly the song of Mr iTunes, has been given a Christmas Job labelling Christmas Songs and can't be bothered to do it properly, knowing full well that he, Jasper iTunes, can never be fired. It's going to get SORTED, apparently, but in the meantime here's the link!

SECOND: Those fine young men at Pop Art are once again running "The Twelve Questions Of Christmas" for ADVENT over on the DIGEST. The first responses were from ME! Apparently I had a very busy year!

posted 3/12/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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And the second entry was from us!

As for iTunes, we've had similarly mislabelled songs. One one occasion, the renaming (from 'Everyone Has To Meet Somewhere' to 'Everyone Has To Meet Someone') may beconsidered an improvement!
posted 3/12/2009 by The Gresham Flyers

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