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Blog: It's Oh So Quiet

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All is STILL here at The House Of Hibbett as the MENTALLY BUSY year that was 2009 finally gets a bit quiet. It feels WEIRD - the last few gigs of the year are sorted and just need PLAYING, all videos are DONE, there's no albums or singles to be worrying about, and the future, in the shape of Dinosaur Planet is PAUSED until we go back into the studio just after Christmas.

Thus I spent a jolly evening last night simply POTTERING ABOUT. I'm currently, FINALLY, putting all the remastered Beatles albums onto my iPod (and am getting VERY excited at the prospect of sorting out all the covers! Ooh!) and last night ALPHABETICISED my comics collection. Yes, that must be something of a surprise - a rock and roll animal like me having a comics collection!!! Eh? Oh. In that case it probably won't come as too much of a shock when i say i faced an INTERNAL STRUGGLE trying NOT to make a DATABASE of them all. If left to my own devices for too long over Christmas this will HAPPEN.

So yes, it's all a bit quiet at the moment. I know this'll change if anything happens with I Got You What You Want For Christmas and there's plenty of gigs and recordings to look forward to, but for now I'm REALLY enjoy the CALM TIME.

I wonder if this happens to Proper ROCK Stars? Does Mick Jagger secretly get all excited about the DVD Box Sets he's got waiting for him at home? Does Jon Bon Jovi wake up EARLY, unable to sleep for the thought of the fun he'll have doing IRONING the next morning? Does Bruce Springsteen sit back after an hour's Finally Putting Away The New CDs and breath a sigh of CONTENMENT? If they don't, they SHOULD: it's GRATE!

posted 9/12/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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Surely BERLIN: The Documentary is next on the list!
posted 9/12/2009 by Francis

Comic database you say? This is supposed to be good:
posted 10/12/2009 by georgethe23rd

I looked at that in order to SCOFF, as I'd been thinking of Developing My Own System, but... ooh, that DOES look exciting!
posted 10/12/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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