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Blog: Putting The Decorations Up

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There's not a huge amount going on right now - we're gently preparing for The Last Validators Gig Of The Year on Sunday (about 6.30pm at The Hope & Anchor in That London, at the PopArt all-dayer - do come along!) and we're booked for a MAMMOTH recording session for most of December 30th, but apart from that things are generally Winding Down For Christmas. The Christmas Videos seeming to be causing CHEER and GOODWILL across the land, so in that spirit I thought I'd put the online decorations up.

And here they are! Well, here they are if you're looking at the main homepage version of the blog, they probably won't be if you're looking at it via Myspace or Facebook or Futuristic BRANE Hologram. In those cases, do pop by and have a look won't you? I have tried to be DEAD CLASSY this year, tho couldn't resist including out ACTUAL CHRISTMAS TREE from home - almost in life size detail, in fact!

posted 11/12/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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