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Blog: Christmas Magic

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Rather wonderfully, I Got You What You Want For Christmas appeared in the B3ta newsletter on Friday - even better, with the headline "A Very Hibbetty Christmas"! As ever this MARVELLOUSLY kicked off all sorts of interest and we've now had about TEN times as many people visiting. If you're one of them, hello!

I do like it when we have one of these SURGES on a video, not least because I take some Perverse Pleasure from Idiotic Comments. Ever since Do The Indie Kid got on the front page of YouTube I have made it so that comments have to be approved by ME before they can appear - as anyone who's ever experience it will tell you, getting a Featured Video is LOVELY but does rather expose you to The Legions Of THE NASTY, and even tho i consider myself a HARDENED VETERAN of The Interweb some of the "remarks" made upset even ME.

Having the POWER to just REMOVE them and BLOCK the poster does make it less unpleasant, and I do take the aforesaid Perverse Pleasure from doing so now. Much to my disappointment, however, we've only had ONE such comment this time. "There do seem to be a lot of commie bastards in your office" said the idiot concerned (I'm doing this from memory so correcting grammar and spelling as i go). "Let's hope they get their wishes so they can be disregarded." He's hardly going to make a living as a Shock Jock, is he?

Perhaps it is the general aura of CHRISTMAS MAGIC that surrounds the video that is stopping idiots? "Christmas Magic?" you may say, "Give us examples!" CERTAINLY! Word arrives that someone's Christmas wish for PIGLETS has ALREADY come true, as you can see from these pictures, while I'm told that a gift of (a book about) SLOW LORIS has been presented to the person asking for it TOO. On Christmas Day i reckon there are going to be SEVERAL Dukla Prague Away Kits, LOTS of lego, and HEY! Maybe even some WORLD PEACE being given out!

But BEST of ALL these Christmas Gifts was one I received over the email a couple of days ago from Lucy (Horsebox/Riding Hat) saying that she'd done her OWN version of the video with her class of 12 year olds. She sent me a copy of it and, reader, I am not afraid to confess i cried CHRISTMAS TEARS OF JOY. It is a BEAUTIFUL thing - these days we all seem determined to think of The Kids as RUBBISH, but this is three minutes of imagination, wit, emotion and JOY. It really is FANTASTIC and I WISH I could link directly to it now but, as is the way of such things, they have to get full parentel consent before it can be made public.

I really hope they can, it's SO lovely and it makes me EXTREMELY PROUD to think that something so gorgeous could be kicked off with a daft song of mine. It's CHRISTMAS!

posted 16/12/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?
posted 27/12/2009 by Anonymous

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