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Blog: Totally Acoustic - into THE FUTURE

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Last time we did a Totally Acoustic Leigh, the bar manager/landlord (I'm not sure which to be honest, but I'm fairly sure there's a difference) gave me his email address and suggested I book a few evenings in advance next year, as he was going to try putting on some nights of his own. This, I felt, was The Gods Of ROCK speaking, as I'd been considering doing this very thing for quite some time. Up until now I've contacted people who I'd like to play and seen when would be convenient for them, before checking with the pub to see if those dates were available, but that's tended to make things a bit slow moving, also DIFFICULT when dates AREN'T.

However, i was WARY of having dates booked WITHOUT acts to play them, as that would tend to run the risk of turning me into some kind of GIG PROMOTER. I've done nights like that before - LollopaLeicester, for instance, back in the last century, started out as me doing gigs in Leicester for bands I liked and swiftly turned into me DESPERATELY shovelling bands I'd never heard of onto the bill, just so there'd be someone THERE.

But, as I say, The Gods Of ROCK had spoken and so I've taken the plunge, tentatively at least, by booking THREE dates for Totally Acoustic in the new year. Diaries ready, here they are!
  Tuesday 9 February 2010
  Tuesday 16 March 2010
  Tuesday 20 April 2010

EXCITING eh? I've also got a list of BANDS/ACTS who I'd like to play, but I think I might wait until AFTER Christmas to start doing that. I've got a whole MONTH of not doing gigs coming up, I'll need something to worry about!

posted 17/12/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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