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Blog: 44 With A Bullet!

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Hello everyone, hope you had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying my FAVOURITE aspect of The Christmas Holidays: THE ENORMOUS INTER-FESTIVE GAP!

I LOVE this time of year - as somebody who has spent their entire GLITTERING CAREER working in Academia i've always got just over a week off work around now, and it's BEAUTIFUL. Christmas is DONE, the New Year is yet to get going, and there's a glorious few days when you've really got not much more to do than sit around the house drinking tea and eating whatever's left in the house. BLISS.

This relaxing good-time was added to SIGNIFICANTLY yesterday when I listened to Dandelion Radio Festive 50 yesterday afternoon, and heard My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once coming in at number 44! HOORAH!

I was really REALLY pleased to hear it - we were DEVASTATED last year when we didn't get anything in, and a huge part of our 2009 Release Schedule was thus based mostly on MAXIMISING our chances of getting in! Happily it worked out and we can SWAN AROUND for the rest of the year. RAH! It's a PROPER Festive 50 as well, very much in the John Peel mould i.e. there's some GRATE songs, a couple of Corporate Hits that I'm amazed Dandelion Radio listeners liked, some unlistenable nonsense and some AMAZING tracks I'd never heard of. EXACTLY as it should be - and it's available from their website for the whole month. Go listen, it's BRILL!

posted 29/12/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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