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Blog: The Doctor No More

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This morning over breakfast (and then for ages afterwards) I sat down and watched THE END OF TIME (part two). My Dad taped it for me so I could watch it while I was down in Cornwall and I'd thought it'd been a) exciting b) a bit confusing and generally c) all right, but i KNEW that EVERY Dr Who Special has been a bit like that the first time round and (with the exception of The Next Doctor, which was a bit dull) is ALWAYS much better when watched SOBER and SOLO.

Crikey tho, i didn't expect it to be THAT much better, it was AMAZING! I was TERRIFIED watching it, EXCITED, and then BLUBBING for the last 15 minutes, it was BLOODY GRATE. I've spoken to many people about it since it was on, many of whom have complained that it was SAGGY with loads of needless bits in it, which I initially agreed with, but now I see that that's what made it so AMAZING. It WASN'T a Single Drama that needed to have a beginning, middle, and end - ESPECIALLY this episode where part of the point of it was that it was AN end but not THE end. It's a continuing series of adventures - anything not explained this time is GOLD DUST for the future when it can be picked up and USED and makes you want to know more. And the fact that it IS like that means that they can also quite happily have BITS in it, like the whole Donna sub-plot, that are just there for the fun of seeing the characters again (ALTHO if The Mysterious Woman IS Donna then maybe there was more to it than that).

I was sitting at the table BLOWING MY NOSE and WIPING A TEAR (NB not simultaneously) when i realised that, actually, Doctor Who is the nearest telly gets to COMICS, and specifically MARVEL COMICS. It's funny! It's sentimental! It features heroes who are HUMAN (whether they're ACTUALLY human or not) who DON'T boldly stride uncomplainingly to their doom but say "IT's NOT FAIR"... but then do it anyway. When Mr D Tennant said "I don't want to go" he was, basically, SPIDER-MAN - a proper real life hero who ISN'T PERFECT but does the right thing anyway.

And, like Spider-Man (or spider-man done RIGHT anyway) the story will carry on, and be exciting, and funny, and lots of it will contradict other things, and it won't actually MATTER because there'll be something else along straight afterwards that will explain it, or remove it, or ignore it and do something else BRILLIANT instead.

There's loads of rumours on-line that Mr S Moffat is trying to get Mr N Gaiman to write an episode - sod that, get STAN LEE in instead!

posted 6/1/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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What if Stan Lee wrote Dr Who?

Now that I would pay to see.

I liked the second episode far better than the first. The ending was a wee bit "Return of the King" but it was still really good. Tennants last line was a touch of humanity in the Time Lord and I liked that.

As for the lady, well I am sure that you have read the same bits I have about it possibly being Donna in the Future, or a grown up Susan, or even the Doctors own Mother. I like the fact that RTD has said that she is "Whoever you want her to be". Good TV does not need to explain everything and a wee bit of mystery is always a good thing.
My other half cried too and has said to me that she really doesnt think she will be able to watch any other Doctor (it is her first experience of the regeneration after avoiding the show for years - thats love for ya!)
As for Matt Smith, well I have seen him in enough other things to know that he can act. I also posted on Twitter "In Moffat we trust" so I am on board.
I agree that WHO often has the emotional depth of Good comics.
A GRATE post Sir
Happy New Year to you

Paul R
posted 7/1/2010 by Paul Reaney

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