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Blog: Slowly And Surely Drawing Our Plans

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Last night myself and Mr S Hewitt had our first OFFICIAL MEETING for this year's Edinburgh Fringe (And Other Festivals) CAMPAIGN. We are old hands at this by now but even so there was EXCITEMENT in the air because this year is going to be slightly different. Both My Exciting Life In ROCK and the first version of Dinosaur Planet have been one man shows. As anybody will tell you, attempting to do a fully scripted show about humans fighting Space Dinosaurs AND Giant Robots as a ONE MAN ROCK OPERA would be ridiculous. So we're doing it as a TWO MAN ROCK OPERA.

That's right, ladies of the nation rejoice, for the first time in about ten years Steve is going to be taking to the stage, and also SINGING. The plan is to recreate the text of the CONCEPT ALBUM on stage, acting out the whole thing using little but our TALENT... and a range of hats and WIGS. It will be GRATE!

The plan is to have a readthrough of the script, with Mr T "The Tiger" McClure and Mr J Kell in attendance - representing the other proposed VERSIONS of the show. It was SO interesting going to that writers' group with John the other week that I thought it might be useful to do it again with my version(s) of the show - if nothing else it should point out any GLARING ERRORS before I get people to actually record it.

It should also mean we can HONE it a bit before me and Steve have to sit down and a) divvy up the lines between us b) LEARN it. I'm still going to be doing the sort of STAND-UP version of the show when we're in Leicester (tickets available here, by the way) but after that we'll be moving into it being more of a SHOW.

Obviously we'll need to try it out a bit before we go, so we're going to attempt to do a MINI-TOUR of it in the summer. If anyone would like to book us do please let me know!

We discussed MANY ideas of how and where to do this, as well as agreeing WHERE we'd like to do it, how long for,and many many other Technical Neccesities, as well as a BIG IDEA that I've been discussing with some OTHER people which I shouldn't really discuss as yet. But if it works out, it will be GRATE!

High on the GIDDY THRILL of THEATRICAL HISTORY in the making we finished our beers and headed out EAST to go and see a Comedy Show near Old Street... only to find that the whole thing had been called off, because the audience comprised entirely of me and Steve. I made the point that comedians are thus BLOODY LIGHTWEIGHTS and that I personally have played to FAR less people than that, but it was pointed out, rather more politely than it might have been, actually, that stand-up comedy is meant to be a DIALOGUE, and that you can't do that very easily if there's nobody there.

Once again the difference between ROCK and Comedy were demonstrated and, as I walked home, I was glad to be staying over here on the ROCK side of the divide. It's nice to pop over to comedy and THE THEATRE every now and again, but it's oh so much nicer to come home!

posted 12/1/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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