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Blog: Back In The Office

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You find me Back At Work today, up to my... well, lower thighs, I guess, in Catching Up. It turns out that the world COULD carry on without me, but it would need a bit of tidying up.

It's nice to be back in the world of ACTION and DOING stuff - at lunchtime I went to the print shop and got some POSTERS done for Dinosaur Planet in Leicester, and it was VERY exciting. I've not done proper gig posters for AGES and these look ACE! Tom's taking some to The Criterion for me, and like last year there's some DMU students who are going to put others around town. I must say I'm really looking forward to doing this again (tickets HERE if you'd like to join in the THRILLS), tho a bit WORRIED about remembering how it goes. Everything's been about the NEW version, with Multiple Characters, so that the more stand-up-ish version has slipped my mind a bit. This weekend: PRACTICING.

Part of the MIND SLIPPAGE has been because we're getting closer and closer to making THIS year's show a reality. This morning I had an email from Mr S Hewitt about potential VENUES, timings and dates - it all suddenly looked VERY real and also EXCITING. Contrary to statements last time around I think we're probably NOT going to do the extra length run we decided upon and just do a week again, and that all looks quite do-able now. All we need to do is book the venue, find somewhere to stay, finish writing the show, learn it, practice it, and then get on the train to Edinburgh. What could be simpler eh?

posted 21/1/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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