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I've just sent out the first NEWSLETTER of the year - of the DECADE, in fact. It's always a bit odd sending the January newsletter, as it's always nearly six WEEKS since I sent the December one, so it feels like the final BOOST to the post-Christmas Back To Work Schedule.

Yes, it does take me this long to get back in the swing of things... but it feels a bit different this year, as things seem to be a bit quieter than normal. Every year for the past three or four years I've said "THIS year I'm not going to do as much!" and gone spectacularly AWRY early on, but this time around I seem to be actually STICKING to the plan. This is of course very much helped by the fact that 50% of The Validators are in a different HEMISPHERE for most of the year, but I've also stuck to my guns for SOLO stuff and NOT gone out asking for any gigs... just yet.

I've also been saying "NO" to gigs! I HATE doing this, it REALLY upsets me, but I've so far said no to FOUR (4) gigs this year! FOUR! That's more than I've said no to in the whole of the past DECADE!! These were all due to lack of Validators OR other commitments (we now have a LENGTHY list of Dinosaur Planet practices and warm-ups which'll take us well into the summer) so it wasn't like i was exercising a STEELY WILL, but still. Four!

I do worry that if I keep doing this NOBODY will EVER ask me to do a gig again - I'm sure some people would increase their ALLURE by a layer of mystery, but I doubt that I'm one of them - but I'm keeping reminding myself that, come the summer, there will be a WHOLE LOT of gigs, both for Dinosaur Planet AND a couple of things which I Cannot Speak Of As Yet. It seems a long way away at the moment tho!

posted 29/1/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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