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Blog: All Things Must Pass Away

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I'm busily updating my webpage at the moment - not that you could tell, dear reader, I'm CUNNINGLY revamping it at home in stolen moments, so that I can upload THE LOT when it's all done - and apart from the general GLEE I always get from piddling about with my own computer stuff (e.g. spending hours doing something in a Clever Way rather than quickly and easily), I'm also being amazed about quite how much I've DONE in The Crazy World Of Rock.

I mean, obviously we're not talking Paul McCartney levels of STUFF DONE, we're not even talking CUD, but for Me Myself (also I) it does seem like quite a lot of gigs played, records released, and songs written. The weirdest feeling at the moment is coming across things I'd almost forgotten about, like the LollopaLeicester all-dayer, or the "Taste Of Tea" compilation that Voon appeared on. At the time these were such massive, all-important things, yet now they're just curiousities easily forgotten. This is especially odd when it comes to the records I've done in various guises, each one of which I was POSITIVE was going to propel me into the very front of the national, even international, consciousness. The other day I went to look up what the second b-side to the "Born With The Century" single was, and then to find out what the words were, yet at the time it was the subject of LENGTHY disagreements and the eventual choice TROUBLED me for months.

It's not just ROCK stuff though is it? Geography 'O' Levels, for instance - I remember at the time we were constantly impressed by how VITALLY important it was to get a good grade, yet I can hardly recall anything about the whole two years I did it (er... Glacial and Terminal Moraine, The Zeider Zee, and a photograph of cows grazing on someone's roof). I'm pretty sure I know how many 'O' levels I've got, but push me to list them all and I'll be in TROUBLE. Oh! Little Mark Aged 16! What would you think of me, if you knew how little I care for one of your Greatest Efforts Of Work? Oh! Old Mark Aged 85! What will you think of my might efforts now?

Getting Philosophic On Yr ASS, the other side of this is, if you can get into it, it really does help get you through Troubled Times. Whenever something shit's been happening, to me or someone I love, I do always think about how I'll remember it in a year's time, how I'll look back and know it did eventually end. It doesn't make the crap any less crappy to deal with, but it does at least stop me getting swamped by things. I'd say I'd write a song about it, but George Harrison pretty much beat me to it, several times.
posted 4/2/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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