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Blog: A Weekend Of Pals

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I had a lovely weekend, heavily featuring several pals of long acquaintance.

On Saturday I went to Peterborough to enjoy a long discussed PUB CRAWL with Messrs Guest, Hare and Myland with whom what I went to school with. We generally only ever all get together for The Peterborough Beer Festival and have been talking for AGES about DOUBLING these reunions, and this weekend we finally managed it. We kept the them of getting very very drunk in Peterborough, however, and saw a LOT of pubs, many of whom I hadn't been in for nearly TWENTY YEARS. We started off in The Botolph Arms, which we used to go in a lot in the sixth form and shortly after and I got ACTUAL VERTIGO from the WEIRDNESS of walking in with the same group of people and finding it EXACTLY the same.

We had a BLOODY LOVELY time from start to finish, although i didn't particularly enjoy staggering out of BOGARTS (it claims to be called something else now, but isn't) at half past nine RATHER TIPSY and then realising I had about two and a half hour worth of TRAVEL to go before I could get to bed. You know when you start to get hungover while you're still drunk, and have to concentrate REALLY HARD on staying awake? THAT happened.

I was thus feeling RATHER delicate the next day when I had to set off to the final day of London Popfest 2010, where myself and Mr S Hewitt were due to present the POP QUIZ. After last year's rather shambolic affair we had, along with Mr J Jervis, made great efforts to ensure that this year's was rather more ORGANISED, which was a good thing as I don't think I would have PHYSICALLY COPED any other way. You know when a hangover PROPERLY kicks in at midday and makes your hands go numb? THAT happened. As The Alcohol In My Booze commented later on, it's not THAT long ago that we all used to do Ridiculous Drinking of this kind EVERY weekend and think nothing of it. Sorry, my insides!

Anyway I soon sorted myself out with coffee, juice, and Hair Of The Dog, and the whole quiz went off, I thought, RATHER well. I particularly enjoyed doing the Britpop Ink Polaroids round (i.e. Britpop album covers described in the style of Stuart David when he was in Belle & Sebastian) and Steve proved himself to be the MASTER of pub quizes by RAMPING up the tension throughout.

At the end we gave out GOODIE BAGS. I'd ordered some LOVELY paper bags and dug out the VALID stamp to decorate them, and myself, The Jerv, and Mr B Clancy had PACKED them with Rare And Little Seen Items Of Back Catalogue (hem hem) which everybody seemed quite pleased to partake of. After that there was just time for some chat with some of the MANY delightful people who were there before wandering home, there to sit quietly and watch telly, recovering from my exploits. What a lovely weekend that was!

posted 1/3/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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