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Blog: Blue Screen Of Death, Where Is They Sting?

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I've been having a really annoying time of it at work for the past few weeks, as my computer keeps on CRASHING. It started off when I got a Virus, some horrible MALWARE, but even when that was finally sorted out it kept on happening.

I didn't make too much fuss at first because, to be honest, the things that seemed to cause it weren't exactly Work Critical - watching YouTube or listening to streaming radio, for instance, were pretty much GUARANTEED to make it hang and/or go to the Blue Screen Of Death. Things gradually got worse and worse though, especially when I had to do some web stuff for work, and once it was crashing every hour or so I decided enough was enough and called in the Main Site IT Guy.

He came last Wednesday, when I was Working From Home, tried loads of stuff, and gave it a THOROUGH SCRUB. By 11am on Thursday it was crashing again! He thus came round again this morning to see what was going on, and we got TWO YouTube channels open, 6Music streaming live (featuring Lauren Laverne being BRILLIANT re: the just announced decision to kowtow to R.Murdoch and destroy huge chunks of what is good about the BBC), a flash animation, a STATS package and Photoshop opening HUGE pictures.

Nothing, of course, happened. "I've got a song about this", I said. "Is it indie?" he asked. I was astonished. "I saw your trainers" he said. Ah. "Yes", I admitted, and showed him this:

THAT didn't do it either so eventually he went away.

Twenty minutes later, of course, it crashed again. Just as I was halfway through writing this blog...

posted 2/3/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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