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Blog: It Begins

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Last night we had a house guest, in the shape of Mr S Hewitt, who had come round for the first rehearsal of Dinosaur Planet: THE MUSICAL.

Before we go any further, let's get some BRANDING CLARITY on the many different versions of Dinosaur Planet that exist. So far we've got:
  • The Stand-Up Version - the original, as performed by me from last year's Fringe up to the other week at The Leicester Comedy Festival
  • The Concept Album - currently being recorded in various studios, set to IMPACT and change forever the world of ROCK later this year
  • The Animated Proposal - a script for a cartoon version has been written by Mr J Kell, and it was this that we performed at his writers' group at the start of the year
  • The Musical - this year's Edinburgh Show, wherein myself and Steve play all the characters and ACT OUT the whole thing

  • PHEW! That is a whole lot of versions - and hopefully ALL of these will later feed in to the WEST END SHOW version which I'm planning on working up once all these other ones are sorted out. It is the Franchise that just keeps on ROCKING!

    So yes, it was The Musical that we were working on, with a script that has been developed over the past few months, based on the one for The Concept Album but with several adjustments to make it work with just the two of us. We had a complete run through of the whole thing, and by JINGO but it was good fun. With all due modesty I must say it was actually QUITE FUNNY - I'd been a bit worried that the talky bits might drag but much to my surprise a) they WHIP by at high speed and b) are full of GAGS!

    It does need some work though - there's still a few sections where it stumbles over itself with the changing of COSTUMES (yes, COSTUMES), there's some scope for EXTRA GAGS and I need to look at one of my Accent Choices - the IDEA of Sean Connery playing Terry's Grandad is a GRATE one, but does slightly impinge on the CLARITY of what's being said.

    Most of all though I need to look at sharing at the SINGING more, especially in the first half, where most of the songs are sung by ONE person. This is fine for gigs and the recorded version, but when we're doing it as a DUO a) it seems a bit flat when just one of us is singing compared to b) it's a LOT more fun and offers more scope for ACTING and GAGS when there's two of us. Our next practice is in a couple of weeks, so it's RE-WRITE weekend for me!

    All in all though I think it's looking like being pretty FAB. My favourite bit is a LINE if have written for MYSELF as Terry's Mum which is so RIPE for AMAZING ACTING that they might as well just GIVE me the TONY AWARD right now, but it's PACKED with Good Bits. Now all we have to do is LEARN it!

    posted 11/3/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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