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Blog: Allo Darlin'

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I was going to do a blog today about something else entirely - I emailed the script and sound files for Dinosaur Planet out to The Cast today, it's all VERY exciting - but then got a bit waylaid by trying to sort out our venue for the Fringe. It all got a bit vexatious (sorted now tho - more news on that tomorrow hopefully!) so I thought "What can I listen to to sort myself out a bit? To cheer me up and fill me full of The Joy?"

So I put the Eponymous Allo Darlin' album on. MY GOODNESS ME but it didn't half do the trick, it's AMAZING. I bought it last week in Sheffield and have been listening to it ever since (sharing ear space mostly with the above mentioned Dinosaur-based tracks and the Standard Fare album, which is also GRATE) and LOVE it. However, sitting and listening to it tonight it did that thing which The Albums You Will Always Love Forever do where they suddenly LEAP OUT at you and go "HA! Thought I was good did you? Listen to me KNOW! I'm FANTASTIC!"

My most clear example of this happening was with "Grand Prix" by Teenage Fanclub, which i listened to a few times, thought was OK, and put away. But then I listened to again a couple of months later and GOT it - all of a sudden EVERY song was BRILLIANT, i just GOT it, and it's been one of my favourite records ever since. This evening "Allo Darlin'" by Allo Darlin' did pretty much the same thing. Songs that had been smile inducing and catchy revealed themselves to be HUGELY CLEVER and RAM PACKED with genius lines. My favourite at the moment is "it gets bad, but it never gets Batman bad" but there are MILLIONS of other bits which GLOW with a life affirming, optimistic, witty JOY that hardly anyone else ever gets to do.

Now "Heartbeat Chilli" has come on again. It's GORGEOUS.

I don't think I'm doing a very good job of explaining this - I just wanted to get it on record that A New Favourite Record entered my life properly today. All I can suggest is you EITHER go to a gig (they're at SXSW at the moment, I think, but are back touring with The School soon) and buy it NOW (hey, I went all the way to Sheffield to get my copy and it was UTTERLY WORTH IT) OR be sure and BUY BUY BUY it when it comes out later this year.

In summary then: it's really really good, and i LIKE it!

posted 18/3/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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