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Blog: Edinburgh: SORTED (nearly)

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As mentioned yesterday, I got into a bit of a PANIC yesterday about our plans for this year's Edinburgh Fringe. We'd applied to a new venue (new to us anyway) as we wanted to go somewhere a bit more Theatrical and with more other shows on, and so got our forms to them back in January. Since then I've become increasingly worried about it as we got closer and closer to the Early Bird Application Deadline, which is today. If we didn't get our forms sent in by close of play this evening then we'd have to pay an extra hundred quid or so, which i REALLY didn't want to do!

Also, of course, loads of OTHER people would be trying to get their venue sorted out by today, so I knew that if the one we were after fell through then we'd be in a bit of a PICKLE. I started hassling our venue a bit and, last night, got an email through saying we couldn't have the time slot we wanted (around 6pm) on the 10 dates we were after but COULD either have a different, larger, room for just the first 6 days OR have the NOON slot.

PANIC! What to do?!? A FLURRY of text messages zoomed through the ether between myself and Mr Hewitt as we tried to work it out. He consulted some pals in the pub who were Edinburgh Veterans, who seemed to think noon would be OK, and I got the same message from The Time On My Watch, who also pointed out that at least that way we'd have the rest of the day free for LARKS. I was a little upset at the idea of losing some of the MASSIVE LIE-INS I've enjoyed so much, but also glad that a) we won't be clashing with Being 747's show {NB they're the other people we've been discussing Edinburgh with for the past few months} and b) it pretty much guarantees we WON'T be doing ANY shows too drunk this time around!

Steve also demonstrated his in-depth knowledge of my Showbusiness Nature by RULING OUT the larger (80 capacity) venue in favour of the smaller 40 seater thus: "40 SEATS - EASY TO GET A SELLOUT!" How RIGHT he was, and so i hit the email and LO! we are all sorted, and will be playing The GRV from Thursday 5th to Saturday 14th August inclusive at NOON every day. PHEW!

In a FIT of excitement we've also got our flat booked so we are basically FULL STEAM AHEAD - we're just finalising the application form as we speak and, once that's done, all we'll need to worry about is learning our lines. But that'll be PEASY, right?

posted 19/3/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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