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Blog: How Does It Feel

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Get ready for some Shocking News: I went out on Saturday night. DISCO DANCING!


I reckon it must be about 100,000 years since I last went out and did this purely for FUN, rather than as part of a gig or something, and it was all thanks to the fact that Mr & Mrs Hodgkiss had come over to That London for Mr I Hodgkiss's birthday, and had asked me if I fancied coming out for a) a pint b) some of the aformentioned disco dancing. As it turned out, i DID!

After a few delightful beers in The Green Man, just round the corner from The King & Queens where I'd played the night before (SIDEBAR: I'm still doing my London Walking Circle, and if nothing else it's certainly giving me THE KNOWLEDGE as regards The Pubs Of Fitzrovia) we headed round the corner to The Phoenix, in order to attend Legendary Indie Disco How Does It Feel To Be Loved. I've wanted to go one of these for YEARS but never actually managed it - I have, of course, seen Mr I Watson, Proprietor, DJ at numerous events, not least Indietracks, and have even PLAYED at a How Does It Feel night, but alarmingly this was my first time at a DO itself.

And it was BRILLIANT! I remembered Saturday Night Indie Discos as being the last resort for those not prepared to give up on the drinking/looking at girls part of the weekend, but here it was out and out FUN! The tunes were GRATE (they were playing Allo Darlin' as we walked in), it was FULL of lovely people who i KNEW (including Stuart The Editor and various Gresham Flyers and Pocketbooks) and, perhaps best of all, i got RECOGNISED!

That was BRILLIANT - I was wobbling over to the bar when a Young Man said "Could you explain to these girls why you're famous?" Talk about myself? To some young girls? Well, if you insist, but first I had to check WHAT he thought I was famous for as I didn't want to start out all cocky and then find out he though I was Harry Potter's Dad or something. It was, of course, Hey Hey 16K, so I happily told them I was only famous in basements, then realise i WAS in a basement.

That pretty much made my NIGHT for me, but there was much fun still to be had in the form of chat, and beer, and even THE DANCING. It was whilst doing this that I even managed to get myself into the Also Legendary How Does It Feel Photo Gallery. ZANG!

I staggered out into the night in search of my last tube home FULL of the joys of dancing, pals, and fun - i had a GRATE night, I'll try and not leave it another decade before I do it again!

posted 23/3/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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