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Blog: Secret Meetings Revealed

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In the comments section I have asked about that SECRET MEETING me and Mr S Hewitt had the other week about Edinburgh, and the various other TOP SECRET people it involved. "Who was it?" people have asked, excitedly.

Now the truth can be told! Over the course of the past couple of months I've had a number of emails from people asking how they should go about putting a show on at The Edinburgh Fringe. I don't THINK this is because I am particularly GURU-ESQUE, rather that it is fairly unusual for someone from The Krazy World Of ROCK to do such a thing, and also because I do know and LIKE quite a few people who could quite easily expand their GIGS into an actual SHOW. After getting three such requests in the space of a week I decided to see if we could gather together and go as a MOVEMENT, cross publicising our shows and also synchronising BOOZING.

THUS there was much DISCUSSION, the most succesful of which was with those marvellous fellows in Being 747 who have rather brilliantly arranged to take their show Amoeba To Zebra up for the same week as us. I'm IMMENSELY excited about this - they're GRATE chaps (we've gigged with them MANY times, always resulting in DELIGHT all round) and the show itself looks AMAAAZING. They've been playing it around schools this year, and have some SPLENDID VIDEOS too.

(there has just been a ten minute break in BLOGGING while i went and watched some - this is going to be BRILLIANT!!)

We've also been speaking to the similarly delightful Chris T-T. I'm not sure if Chris is still planning to come or not - he's on TOUR at the moment and has just released his WONDERFUL new album "Love Is Not Rescue" so he's been just the TINIEST bit enormously busy just lately! We DID, however, manage to fit in a MEETING with him last month, and thus HE is the first of the two people mentioned, and the other was his pal (and chart-topping popstar) Jim-Bob from Carter!

And WHAT a lovely chap he was too - oh, but we had a LOVELY evening in the pub! He was thinking of doing a show allied to his BOOK which is out soon, as he's going to be going around the country doing a mixture of GIG and BOOK READING soon anyway, and was interested in finding out how it all WORKS. In the end he decided NOT to do the whole Edinburgh thing, which is a shame really as I think it would have been BRILL, but I would advise anyone who can to go and have a look at the book tour, as it all sounded great. Or, indeed, to go to the PUB with him, as he was VERY good indeed at that!

posted 25/3/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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