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Blog: London Walking

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A little while ago I mentioned my LONDON WALKING CIRCLE idea i.e. to walk EVERY street within a roughly 20 minute radius of my work. I'm still AT it, and have been out four times a week nearly every week this yet, and it's turning out to be BRILLIANT. Almost every day I see a New Thing, or see somebody Off The Telly, or find myself in Hidden London or something. Yesterday's excitement was strolling through the park in the square of Lincoln's Inn Fields (it's LOVELY), and today's was bumping into a PAL.

There I was, strolling around the back streets of SOHO when I saw someone emerging from a court yard, STRIDING forward, looking very happy with the world and his place in it. "THERE'S a cheery fellow!" I thought. "Hang on, is that The Dave Green?"

For LO! It was! Thus the erstwhile Need To Know Editor and all round Computery Things Expert and I had a chat and a stroll through the Sun Dappled Streets Of Old London Town, during which I think we agreed that I'd release a Science Fiction ROCK OPERA for him. Yes, ANOTHER one.

We said our farewells and I turned towards home, immediately seeing The Post Office Tower LOOMING ahead of me. And appreciation of the MAGNIFICENCE of The Post Office Tower has, I think, been one of the main things I've got from all this stomping around. There's loads of landmarks round here that you can see from all over, but The Post Office Tower is somehow more friendly than all the others, and also more impressive. It LOOMS round buildings all over the place like a gigantic SCI-FI MONOLITH, but one that always seems to be looking down in a KINDLY rather than MALEVOLENT fashion. I really like it, really a lot!

posted 13/4/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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