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Blog: In An Unusual Position

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I find myself in an UNUSUAL POSITION today. I've been doing a bit of plugging for tomorrow's Totally Acoustic night (at The Lamb in That London, with Keith TOTP And His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band, Superman Revenge Squad and ME - here's the facebook page) and a Strange Thought occurred to me. After tomorrow night the ONLY Normal ROCK Gig i have booked AT ALL is Indietracks. Apart from that it's ALL Dinosaur Planet.

This feels a bit WEIRD, and slightly WORRYING. As I've said many times, this year I made an Positive Decision to do LESS gigs - doing 60-70 a year for the past few years has been FAR TOO MUCH - and the Various Validator Events of 2010 have made it nice and easy to step OFF the road a little and concentrate on Dinosaur Planet instead. I mean, it's not like I'm not going to be doing ANY gigs this year - there's 10 nights in Edinburgh, two in Camden and various warm-up shows being booked - but it feels a bit SCARY to suddenly realise that, if I wasn't doing these, I'd have pretty much NOTHING booked.

This did used to happen occasionally in the past, when I'd come to the end of a string of gigs with nothing booked ahead, and it didn't used to bother me as much. NOW though, when I'm used to having the next six months FULL of gigs, it's a bit alarming. In the past I've said YES to just about every gig that I've been able to do, AFEARED that, if I started saying NO then people would stop asking. THIS year, however, I've said NO THANK YOU to a whole PILE of gigs. I mean, most of these would have been at LEAST horribly difficult to do, and were generally places where the promoters wanted The Validators anyway, but still: I didn't LIKE having to reply in the negative for FEAR of what might be the result i.e. NO GIGS.

I know I am probably worrying needlessly - hey, I've gone around TELLING people I can't do gigs, so that's probably why they've stopped ASKING, right? And by CRIKEY having Actual Free Time at home is WONDERFUL, especially with a whole World Cup coming up AND most of Doctor Who still to go. There's just a small part of me thinking "Eek1 What if there's never no more gigs?"

If you see me in the next week or so, therefore, and I look like I'm NERVOUSLY EYEING the phone number for The Bull And Gate, do PLEASE intervene, won't you?

posted 19/4/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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