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My OH SO SUBTLE desperate pleading for a gig yesterday seems to have paid off, and I have a gig booked for the day after my birthday - HOORAH! Now, have you noticed how I DON'T have a million quid in my back pocket?

It might work!

Anyway, I've not put the gig up on the GIGS page just yet because I'm going to wait until the new webpage is finished and LIVE. If all goes to plan this should be next week some time - it has to be before May 1st at any rate, as that's when BLOGGER stop letting me FTP blogs directly to my own website, which is what has caused this whole palaver.

The new version of the webpage IS nearly finished, and it's looking rather good I must say. I must be WARY, like S Moffat or indeed N Clegg, not to build up RABID EXCITEMENT too much though, as it doesn't look THAT much different. Not yet, anyway. I'm trying first of all to make sure everything on the current version is carried over, before I start getting FANCY, but behind the scenes things are VERY different. For LO! It is all run on a database system, which will hopefully make future updates INCREDIBLY easy. For instance, the most recent innovation is an automatic SHOP which automatically updates the individual releases pages, shopping list, discography, itunes and amazons listing all with ONE bit of data entry. At the moment it takes me HOURS to go through ALL the different versions of these pages and change them, in the future it will be the work of but a MOMENT.

This is also the case with the GIGS pages (which will also hook up DIRECTLY to the Totally Acoustic and Dinosaur Planet pages, but more EXCITINGLY for the Casual Viewer the connectivity will extend to MOST aspects of the site, so that all KINDS of exciting things will be able to happen. My absolute FAVOURITE thing, which i HAVE enabled for the first stages, is the new version of the SONGS pages. As well as seeing the lyrics and annotations together you'll be able to link to an automatic list of every album or single that that songs been on and, EVEN MORE THRILLINGLY, see a list of ALL the gigs that it's been played at!

That bit looks GRATE, it really does, and it also links on to BLOG entries and ALL sorts. Best of all it makes the process of updating song and album details MUCH quicker, and I'm hope to WHISK through and update MANY MANY parts of the site. I'm going to take photographs of some of the RARER items and start adding lyrics to some of the more ANCIENT songs that pop up.

I may be getting OVEREXCITED due to the combination of ROCK and DATABASE DESIGN but then again, WHO WOULDN'T? Hopefully this'll be viewable as a BETA TEST early next week - stand by your Data Flow Diagrams for further news!

posted 20/4/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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