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Last night I met The Chorus In My Pop Song for a Delightful Romantic Meal (yes, ANOTHER one! i know! WE ARE AN EXAMPLE TO ALL) in London's Fashionable West End. We went to Zilli Green again, it was GRATE, not least because a) i wasn't paying b) i got to have AFTERS!

We then set off to distant Clerkenwell, to The Slaughtered Lamb to see all round good guy Chris T-T on the last night on the tour for his new album "Love Is Not Rescue". As I may have SHOWN OFF about previously, I got a pre-mastered copy of this a few months ago and found it to be LOVELY. Time has not withered its appeal and I was very much looking forward to hearing it played in its entirety.

We bumped into Chris just as we were going in, so had a quick chat and then went in and settled ourselves down with BEER and SEATING. I was a bit wary about how The Slaughtered Lamb would work as a gig venue, having been there last year doing The Disc Jockeying, but it was actually LOVELY. Most people were sat on sofas and chairs and so the room was relaxed and also JUST RIGHT in being plumply full, but not unpleasantly so.

Then Chris came on and (brief version) was BRILLIANT. He did the whole of the album in order, which worked INCREDIBLY well. Obviously it's helped by the fact that it's an ACE record with some of his best songs, but also the fact that we knew we were going to get a big CHUNK of stuff seemed to relax everybody into really listening to what he was talking about. I really do love his stuff - I know this sounds a bit wanky, but it's really BRAVE. What I mean is that he doesn't shy away from singing The Emotional Songs in the live environment. When it's ME I always get NERVOUS and usually CHICKEN OUT of playing the Honest Emotional songs, preferring to go for the Easier Live Wins, but Chris stands in front of a big crowd of people and opens his heart up, confident that the songs are so good that people will follow him and react to it. It's brilliant, especially when he does songs like "Tall Woman" which, in that kind of setting, GRAB you by the heart. My dears I have to confess to WELLING UP during that one. I was also rather touched by him dedicating "Blueness" to my favourite artiste I.E. ME because I disagreed with his analysis of Religious Art. Futute Rock Historians please note: when The Great Rock Religious Art Schism is written about, THIS is where it began!

The whole thing was moving, involving, thought provoking and EXCITING, and this carried on to the second part of the show when he came back and did REQUESTS and a whole heap of songs i'd never heard before, like "Hedgehog Song" which was fab. He did "Huntsman Comes A Marchin'" (I'm beginning to think maybe we should follow the lead of Mr F Turner and make it LAW that ALL Acoustic Guitar Based Singer Songwriters cover it) and a FANTASTIC version of "Preaching To The Converted" too. It was not just BRILLO, it was brillo PAD!

Afterwards we said our farewells, got a poster SIGNED, and headed out into the night singing "Tall Woman" as we walked. As we strolled it struck me that soon Chris is going to be recording his vocals for some of MY songs, when he comes along to play GRANDAD in Dinosaur Planet. I felt BLESSED!
posted 30/3/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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