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It was HO! for Rural Camden for me last night, where the ripening crop of TWITS seems to be ready to yield a BUMPER HARVEST this year. Goodness me - in the many many Tat Shops on the way to the rehearsal room (for that was my business in the borough) i couldn't help but notice that amongst the many varieties of IDIOTIC HATS there seemed to be a new, and huge, supply of STOVE PIPE HATS!

STOVE PIPE HATS? Is THAT what it is coming too? Hopefully our forthcoming National Government For Change And Niceness will put THAT top of the list of Things To Sort Out. I mean - Stove Pipe Hats! COME ON!

Anyway, I arrived at the rehearsal room the find Mr S Hewitt waiting, and we moved into the same rehearsal room as last time to commence another round of LEARNING UP for Dinosaur Planet. Last time around I was a bit PANICKY, as we were intending to do our first Proper Performance at the start of JUNE, but now things have moved around a bit so we've got a couple of LOOSE Previews then, but the Actual Paying Performances will be a bit later on. I really didn't like the idea of us a) rushing so to get it together and b) not having a Proper Product to Present and so was AFEARED, but now I felt that everything was going to be FINE.

BETTER than fine, in fact - GRATE! For LO! as we zoomed through everything I couldn't help but feel EXCITED about how FAB it sounds. Doing it as a sort of double act seems to make the songs work MUCH better and, as I said last time, HIGHLIGHT the GOOD BITS. I knew there were SOME jokes in it, but i am only now coming to realise it is a LARF RIOT, and BLIMEY but it doesn't half get EXCITING towards the end. We did the bit where we both shout "LET'S GET 'EM!" quite a few times, and it got more THRILLING every time.

It was also TIRING, however, especially when we did several run throughs of For The Fate Of The Earth. There is a LOT that goes on in that song, and by the end of it I felt that my KNEES were going to go! If you ever wonder why rehearsal rooms REEK so of SWEAT it is because there have been years of people like ME in them, SWEATING.

Pleased with a job well done we retired ten minutes early, to the pub, to discuss diverse matters including How GRATE It Is Going To Be. For LO! I rather think it IS!

posted 27/4/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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