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Whilst out strolling the streets of London in search of LUNCH yesterday I walked past a newsagent and thought "Hang on, weren't we supposed to be in BIZARRE Magazine this month?"

I went inside, had a FLICK through, and LO! we were! Here's what it said:
This 40-something 'Database Ninja' from Lincolnshire performs ukulele covers of songs by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith when he was still the Fresh Prince. He also writes concept albums about Dinosaurs, and once had an internet hit called 'Hey! Hey! 16k!' He often plays gigs with his band The Validators - featuring Tim Pattison from 1990s indie group Prolapse on drums - and performs his anarchic songs at the Edinburgh Festival.

"Lincolnshire?" I thought "Well, I suppose I do really but... HANG ON A MINUTE! FORTY SOMETHING?!?! Not for a few weeks yet young lady!!"

But apart from that NEAR CORONARY INDUCING phrase I thought that was all rather nice. It's all due to the good offices of the ever marvellous Jude Rogers, who wrote their regular monthly "Bands You Probably Haven't Heard Of Section." The magazine DID email me for a photograph too, but they seem to have chosen some other of the other bands instead, POSSIBLY because they look a bit more in keeping with the magazine's general ethos than, well, a THIRTY something gentleman looking quite happy in a Beer Garden.

Crikey though, it's a bit RACY, Bizarre Magazine, isn't it? It's a bit like NUTS or something, but with PIERCINGS - I had to wait until I got home to read it, as i DAREN'T at work!

posted 18/5/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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