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Blog: An Auspicious Day

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Today is a BIG DAY for me, for LO! It is the last day of my THIRTIES!

I will pause a moment now so everyone can GASP in ASTONISHMENT and say "What? But surely you are only just TWENTY EIGHT or something? LAWKS! I am ASTONISHED (hence all the gasping)". You are TOO KIND, and also WELL DONE for saying 28, which as of tomorrow will be my age in HEXADECIMAL.

But yes, it's my fortieth birthday tomorrow and I'm coping with it MOSTLY all right. I've been wanting to say "I don't THINK so - i AM forty you know!" about various things for AGES and have nearly persuaded myself that it's already happened, but every so often I get twinges where my BRANE suddenly goes "Hang on - you're going to be FORTY soon! That's almost certainly within the bracket of 'Late Youth' you know."

In order to give myself a pre-Birthday TREAT at lunchtime I went for a walk around Lincoln's Inn as part of my ongoing LONDON WALKING CIRCLE SCHEME whereby I ... er... walk around bits of London in my lunch hour then go back to the office and colour in a MAP to show where I've been, I've been round Lincoln's Inn before but haven't been there at all during the time of the SCHEME so I thought I would, as I say, TREAT myself to it today. And MY, what a treat it was - it's fantastic round there. It's full of ANCIENT buildings, lovely gardens, exciting nooks and crannies and Amazing Architecture which LEAPS out at you. Any slightly MISERABILITY about my impending ancientness was cast into sharp relief by the IMMENSE age and BEAUTY of all the was around me, and I trotted back to the office and bit sweaty but a LOT happy. It's a lovely place, go and have a look next time you're in the area - and if you go on a weekend, when they try and lock it all up, just clime the walls. Tell them I said it was FINE!

But anyway - this is my last BLOG of my thirties. It's been a BLOODY FANTASTIC decade and I'm actually rather looking forward to the next one trying to beat it. See you on the other side!

posted 18/6/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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