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Blog: Happy Birthday to ME!

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As I may have lightly mentioned (hem hem) it was my BIRTHDAY on Saturday, and I had a BLOODY LOVELY day of it. There were PRESENTS in the morning (inc. lots of shirts, a Peterborough Utd Mug, and a TRAVEL GUITAR, which is GORGEOUS) and then at lunchtime Cheese & Salad Cream Sandwiches. Also Cheese Toasties AND homemade cakes made by The Flour In My Muffin, which were GRATE. It was not a slimming birthday.

We went into town for the afternoon and had a FAB time in the pub with various pals and also PARENTS. It couldn't have been nicer really - most of a nice pub all to ourselves with DELICIOUS beer and everyone CHATTED. I also got MORE PRESENTS, including a DALEK POSTER, a RUBBER HORSE'S HEAD (which will surely be in next year's show) and, from The Hewitts, AMAZINGLY, the original artwork for the page of Judge Dredd featuring Constable Hibbett. I was a bit taken aback by that one, as I ALSO was when my Mum presented me with "A BOX OF MEMORIES" (she'd labelled it) including my birthday cards from my 18th Birthday. There may have been tears!

There was a LOT of hugging before we set off once more for HOME, where we had champagne and beer and CURRY and treacle pudding and some more TEARS (the nice, Christmas/Birthday kind which I believe were helped along by the appliance of GIN earlier one) and some GRATE football. It was thus a very happy, if rather FULL, 40 year old Hibbett who retired to bed that night. Thanks everyone, that was BRILL!

posted 21/6/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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FASCINATING FACT: This is the blog number 1970 - the year of my birth!
posted 22/6/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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