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Blog: The Crookes

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I strolled through a muggy Kings Cross to The Lexington again last night, to see The Crookes and, more pertinently, their ROCK AND ROLL Managers, Ms P Blackham. I was RELIEVED to finally be going to see them, as they've played London LOADS recently and I've never been able to make it - Penny's put me on at SO many gigs that have been SO VERY GRATE (NB she used to book The Fuzztival in Sheffield!) that I felt like a LOUSE by not turning up so often.

I arrived to find The Crookes lurking around outside and Penny knocking back ICED ROSE - that's what i call PROPER Rock And Roll Management! I was MASSIVELY impressed to hear how WELL it's all going - she's spent the past year or so Properly Rock And Roll Managing them FULL TIME (i.e. without an Actual Job) and they've had radio sessions, toured all round the country, went to SXSW, been in the studio with Producers I've Heard Of, and have NOW been picked to go and play at CMJ. This was all VERY exciting, but it all paled into insignifance compare to the MOST impressive FACT of ALL: THEY HAVE THEIR OWN VAN!

I couldn't stop LOOKING at the van after that - imagine! Your own van! They'd even converted it into a SPLITTER to make it a Right Proper Tour Bus, i was HUGELY impressed. I was also hugely PLEASED by the whole thing - when i heard this was The Plan i was a bit worried about it, as i am a bit CHICKEN when it comes to Giving Up Your Proper Job And Pursuing THE DREAM and so get AFEARED when other people (e.g. when The Cash In My Pay Packet went freelance a few years ago) have a go at it. It all seems to be working out BRILLIANTLY tho, i was and am AGLOW with pride!

After a bit of chat we wandered upstairs, where it wasn't very full - it's Glastonbury weekend and it looks like most gig goers have GONE there, and also being MEGA HOT never helps for gig attendance, but The Crookes WENT for it in no uncertain terms. It's over a year since I last saw them and I was a bit STUNNED by how they'd come on, especially in the field of stage craft and ESPECIALLY especially with regard to their KNEES. Man alive, there wasn't a leg joint still throughout the entire set, it was GRATE!

And they SOUNDED brilliant too - i don't know what it is about These Young Bands Nowadasy, but they all seem to be able to properly PLAY. I kept thinking "Crumbs, the lead guitar is good" then realising the drummer was, and that they ALL were. Also: "Bloodshot Days", their last single, has got stuck in my head ever since.

It was just all round fantastic to see it all working out so well, although a bit scary to realise how much WORK has gone into it all - as well as a manager they have an accountant, a lawyer, and a TOUR MANAGER! It made me feel even more of a HOBBYIST than usual but, perhaps due to my AGE and MATURITY, i didn't feel even vaguely jealous about it. They're working in a whole other WORLD of Proper Music Industry ROCK and, tho it's exciting, also FASCINATING, to have a look into, i wouldn't want to have to go and do it myself. It looks like hard work!

They look very DRILLED too - as I was saying goodbye to Penny i noticed that EVERYBODY else involved was already in the van and ready to go. That NEVER happens with The Indie Bands, it takes HOURS to get everyone herded together! They headed off to Sheffield whilst I went for a quick look at the next band whilst finishing my pint before wandering off, AMAZED by the effort that's gone into it all, CHUFFED that it was working, and humming that song all the way home!

posted 25/6/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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