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Blog: Everything's Turning Out All Right (everything)

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I did have it in my head to have a bit of an old RANT about The Football today, but two thoughts occur:

THORT ONE: I think we've all heard just about enough opinions about The Football by now, haven't we?

THORT ONE: it's a LOVELY day outside

It's difficult to remain particularly ANNOYED about The Repercussions Of The Premiership when London town is FULL of people EITHER buying lunch to go and have sat in a delightful square OR sitting in a delightful square, having lunch, so let's have something MUCH more fun today: STREAMING SONGS!

As I think I have briefly mentioned (hem hem) our bandcamp site has several of our albums to stream online for free or to BUY directly from us for a Modest Fee. I've just finished putting up This Is Not A Library to go alongside WE VALIDATE! and Regardez, Ecoutez Et Repetez and, because I thought it would be NEAT I've also added LIVE STREAMING to the song pages.

It's EXCEPTIONALLY COOL - have a look at this page for an example. It's got the ACTUAL SONG streaming live on the same page as lyrics and sleevenotes, PLUS links to all the CDs it's been on AND every gig (in this case only one, but still) it's been played at!

Yes, you're right, it IS rather fantastic, and as I gradually put ALL of our songs onto bandcamp (next month it'll be everything from Say It With Words) it'll get EVEN GROOVIER!

And if THAT isn't enough for you... well, all I can suggest is a bit of an old stroll in the sunshine and a Cherry Brandy lolly. That's my plan anyway!

posted 28/6/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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