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Greetings from Hibbett HQ, where I'm having a much needed day off to get over the excitement of Edinburgh. COR, but that a) seemed like we were there for MONTHS b) FLEW by at incredible high speed. We saw HUGE amounts of shows - my FAVE was Pappy's, i think, or maybe seeing Otway and then GETTING OUR PHOTO TAKEN WITH HIM, my LEAST fave I won't go on about (send SAE/ask in pub) altho for some reason it's the one I keep reading the MOST good reviews about! Sarah Bennetto was GRATE too, as were Being 747 (who I saw TWICE - man alive i was RELIEVED that it went so well for them, after GOADING them into doing it so much!), Stewart Lee, Helen Arney (who let me do a "Boom Shake The Room" at her ukelele night, which was DEAD good!), The Order Of The Leaky Boot, Ellis James, Richard Herring, Josie Long and... well, all sorts!

The big fun for me this time was going to the Free Fringe tho, which felt PROPER, whether it was Robin Ince or the four Scottish Comedians that me and The Punchline In My Gag saw on her last night. I always feels a bit CORPORATISED wandering round the big venues, so going to see some PROPER Fringe shows felt DEAD PUNK.

For those keeping count (i.e. probably just me!) we got quite a lot more people through the door this year, which was ESPECIALLY good going for our time slot (NOON is pretty much the earliest slot in nearly all the venues, so there's not many spare people about) and the problems the venue had with ELECTRIC. We DID manage to do all our shows, but on Thursday especially (or was it Friday? Time tends to BLUR!) it was beginning to look like we might not make it.

Also we only actually got ONE review this time around, which was a bit disappointing although it WAS a jolly good one - ghere on BroadwayWorld. Oddly, even though they sent a reviewer on our first day, we DIDN'T get one in ThreeWeeks, although we DID get BIG mentions in both issues of the ThreeWeeks WEEKLY newspaper for the Spotify Playlist I did for CMU, which they also publish - especially the second issue when there was a HUGE photograph! (you can see some of it HERE). We also got a nice plug on Lauren Laverne's show, which was GRATE, almost as if ROCK was there to look after us when COMEDY was doing its best to look the other way.

It's a shame though, especially as the show got better and better as we went along, and by the end (when we NEARLY sold out, two days in a row!!) it was actually DEAD GOOD. We're doing a couple of nights at the Camden Fringe at the end of the week (Saturday and Sunday, 8.45-9.45pm at The Camden Head, do come along if you can!) which I'm VERY pleased, also VERY excited about. It's going to be FUN!

Nearly everything, in fact, WAS a lot of fun. Even doing busking on the Royal Mile, where we'd leap about singing in Dinosaur Masks, finish, take them off, and realise that NOBODY was paying any attention, was daft enough to be funny. We also saw lots of shows, as mentioned, met TONS of pals (there seemed to be LOADS of people up there we knew this year), drank some DELICIOUS beer (it is a wonderful city that has Deuchar's IPA available in nearly EVERY pub), had some SMASHING curry and generally larked about like nobody's business. There is no greater testament to the GOOD TIMES that myself and my colleague and pal Mr S Hewitt had than to report that, even as I was relaxing into my seat for the LOVELY relaxing journey home I was ALREADY thinking about what we'd do NEXT year!

It was, in summary, HECKLOADS of fun - I'm glad it's only once a year though, all those HILLS have done for me!

posted 16/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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