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Blog: On to... CAMDEN!

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You find me this morning sitting at work feeling WORN OUT. That was a LONG couple of weeks of ACTION and adventure and, to be honest, I was sort of expecting to be resting on a CHAISE LONGUE for the next few days fending off calls from theatrical agents and the desperate pleas Lloyd-Webber's people to not TOTALLY reinvent musical theatre before they had a chance to pack up their belongings. Oh well - I suppose being back at work is NEARLY as much fun, right?

Still, the TREADMILL of THEATRE pauses for no one, and we're back on it in just a few days as we do the traditional VICTORY LAP, this time comprising of two nights at the Camden Fringe. I'm actually dead excited about this - by Saturday lunchtime Mr S Hewitt and I had got ourselves RIGHT into the GROOVE of doing Dinosaur Planet and I am really rather PROUD of how GRATE it was, so am very pleased to have the chance to do it AGAIN so soon, and also so much closer to my own bed!

So yes, if you're in That London at the weekend and fancy coming along to see what I've been going ON and ON about all this time, do pop along to The Camden Head on Saturday or Sunday to see us. Our show is on from 8.45pm to 9.45pm (there's people in before AND after us, so those'll be pretty strict timings!) and you can get all the details over on the Dinosaur Planet page. Go on, it'll be GRATE!

posted 17/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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