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I'm sure nobody can tell from the high levels of CHARM and SPARKLE eminating from my person like ANTI-ODOUR or something, but I've had a bit of the old Post Edinburgh BLUES for the past few days. Mostly it has exhibited itself in the form of being KNACKERED and/or sitting at work looking A Bit Glum, but I've woken up this morning after a truckload of KIP feeling MUCH better.

INDEED, i MUST be feeling back to normal as my BRANE is FULL of ideas. Metric TONNES of IDEAS for future projects and EXCITEMENT in fact - here's a brief look at the main points running through my BRANE this morning:

This is the front-runner - or, AHAHA! Front WALKER - for next year's show. The story of Terrence Lloyd Johnson, the oldest man EVER to win an Olympic Track and Field medal. He won Bronze for Great Britain in the 50km Walk at the 1948 games in London and is COMPLETELY BRILLIANT. I've got various ideas about how to do this, most of which seem to be coalescing around the idea of doing some Proper Research and perhaps even some RACE WALKING! If nothing else, if we do THIS next year then Mr S Hewitt and I will end up SVELTE!
The Sword Of Monsters
The early favourite for next year's show, now slipping back a bit. This would be fairly similar to Dinosaur Planet, except with Skeletons, Sea Monsters, ACTUAL Pirates and A Faithful Horse. Part of me thinks it'd be GOOD to do something fairly similar to Dinosaur Planet, part of me thinks it WOULDN'T.
Captain Wonderful
A superhero story which I have PAGES and PAGES of notes for, mostly based on a night of FEVER DREAMS when i was last proper poorly. I LOVE this story, it's FULL of stuff, but it might be a bit MUCH to stuff into an hour long show for next year, so I'll probably save it for something else.
Totally Acoustic
This is the last of the Next Year's Fringe Ideas, and only PARTLY to do with it. As I've mentioned elsewhere we're going to be doing PODCASTS of the next run of Totally Acoustic and, having looked online a bit, I think the BEST thing to do to get it going properly would be to do a TRAILER for it. That way I'd already have a link set up to the PODCAST FEED ready for our first episode (NB please note I may not know what I'm ON about here). Related to this I am also finalising the THEME TUNE in my head, wondering about recording it on video as WELL as on my four track to maximise likelihood of recording it all, and thinking about maybe using THAT to do a MINI VIDEO TRAILER each fortnight. Oh, and I'm also seriously thinking about trying to do a few shows of THIS at the Fringe next year, mostly as an excuse to get some PALS to come over!
Dinosaur Planet
And then, as ever, there's MORE to do with Dinosaur Planet. In brief:
  • Oooh! We're Doing It In Camden At The Weekend!
  • When Am I Going To Go To Derby And Start Doing The Sound Effects?
  • The Animated Version: Where To Go?
  • I Wonder If Anyone Would Be Interested In Putting On An AM DRAM Version Of It? With A Proper Actual Full Cast And Everything?

And THAT is what was going on in my BRANE when i got up this morning. It was EXHAUSTING - I think I might go back to bed!

posted 18/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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