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Blog: Indietracks Appeal

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And now, it's time for a CHARITY APPEAL. For LO! Team Indietracks are trying to raise some money to help the LOVELY people at the Midland Railway finish off their station building. It's a brilliant idea and they really are ACE, so I heartily ENDORSE the following:
We're really lucky that the Midland Railway makes it possible for Indietracks to take place on their steam railway each year. It's such a beautiful, perfect location for our festival and the railway staff and volunteers have always been incredibly welcoming, friendly and supportive. As you can imagine, it takes a lot to keep the railway going each year, so we'd like to try and help out. We asked the charity how we might help and they said they'd love some help in raising money to finish their Swanwick station building. They've set up an appeal page at Charity Giving (see the link below) so that people can donate online.

The link for donating is RIGHT HERE, and if you've ever been to Indietracks I think it'd be a SUPERB thing to help them out. The appeal's running until Friday 10 September, let's all go and give them some CA$H!

posted 19/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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