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Blog: To Enderby... and BEYOND!

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Crumbs, we've hardly even FINISHED this run of Dinosaur Planet (actually we HAVEN'T - we on at The Camden Head on Saturday and Sunday, do come if you're around!) when it's time to start moving on to the NEXT thing.

For LO! we now have an Official Release Date for Forest Moon Of Enderby! It's going to be available in SHOPS (theoretically), on Online Retailers, and on iTunes (and so on) from OCTOBER 18th! HOOPLA!

That means I've got all sorts of work to do to make it all happen on time, and so have done myself a BIG LIST. When i first looked at it I thought "But this seems significantly LESS ONEROUS than usual Album Campaigns, have I missed something?" then i realised I have actually already DONE the most HIDEOUS aspect i.e. the Manufacturing. All the compiling, CD burning, DEALING WITH PRINTERS, and waiting in for deliveries, that's all DONE. All I have to do now is the relatively EASY business of getting it to shops and things, and promoting it! And that's almost FUN!

So I'm currently going through checking and adding to the promo mailing list - this morning I almost HOOTED with JOY when I realised I can use Large Letter Stamps for this one, THAT'S how much Almost FUN this bit of it is! The press release is pretty much written, the gigs are all booked, and everything else seems to be well under way. Maybe i HAVE missed something?

If you'd like a copy and can't WAIT until October 18th then don't worry, I will as usual be doing an Early Bird Offer for people on the mailing list, so if you're NOT on there already now would be a good time to sign up!

Once that's done I've got to get back up to Derby to start mixing SOUND EFFECTS for the NEXT album, but let's worry about that another day shall we? For now it's full steam ahead for ENDERBY!

posted 20/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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