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Thanks very much to all the Newsletter Subscribers who've ALREADY leapt in for the austerity-measures SUPER CHEAP pre-release of Forest Moon Of Enderby. I spent a DELIGHTFUL evening last night updating The Database Of ROCK, printing out labels, and then packing them all up. As I stood at the post office counter this morning dispatching the ABROAD copies I thought once more about how LOVELY it is to know that there are people all over the world who are SMASHING enough to want to buy our CDs, and how GRATE it is to be able to do it in this personal-type way.

I know some people BLANCHE at the idea of doing their own record label, and sometimes (e.g. when dealing with PRINTERS) I can sympathise - after all, one gets into the business of ROCK mostly to talk to GURLS rather than DO ADMIN - but I think divorcing yourself from the nitty gritty of Actually Sending Out CDs To People Who Want Them means you miss out on one of the nicest aspects of DIY ROCK. By the very nature of the mailing list, most of the people buying THIS CD have bought other albums in the past, and so when I went through sticking the labels on the envelopes it was like seeing a parade of old PALS going past. MOST of the people I was posting to, I think, I haven't actually MET, but I recognise addresses and have chatted on email, and it all gets a bit, well, CHRISTMASSY, seeing them fly past again. Particular locations, like THUNDER BAY in Canada, for instance, which pop up each time never fail to fill me with JOY!

Hopefully when it's OFFICIALLY released in a couple of months there'll be some NEW people - whose house moving history I'm NOT acutely aware of - buying the album, maybe even some through online shops and downloads whose names I'll NEVER get to see, but for now I'm very very grateful INDEED to all my regulars. Thanks everyone!

posted 1/10/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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Just let me know as soon as you've got the address and we'll all be fine!
posted 1/10/2010 by MJ Hibbett

I'm planning to move into retirement accommodation in 2020. How much notice do you need?
posted 1/10/2010 by Rocker

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