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Blog: Between Lists

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Sometimes people say to me "Oh Mark! How do you do SO much stuff?"

Well, all right, they actually say "WHY do you do so much stuff?" but STILL - a LOT has been going on and the only way to make sure it all gets done is to be Captain Organised, and to that end I use a lot of LISTS. Lists for the day, lists for the week and a QUARTERLY ACTION LIST OF ACTION so that I can write down everything that needs to happen WHEN it needs to happen. This has the added bonus of stopping me from PANICKING about not having done everything and ALSO stops me trying to do it all in one go.

I mention this because I've just come to the END of one of these MEGA LISTS. The last one included everything to do with Edinburgh, Indietracks, getting Forest Moon Of Enderby released, booking Totally Acoustic, sorting out the tour for Dinosaur Planet and much much MUCH more, so it has been RATHER a busy period. Now, however, it's all pretty much DONE and I find myself in the unusual position of not knowing what I ought to be doing.

This might seem DELIGHTFUL but I always find it a bit WORRYING - i can't quite believe that there ISN'T something URGENT I need to get on with, so the fact I'm not DOING anything like that leads to a mounting air of DREAD and FEAR. I've tried to get past this by GIVING myself things to do - this lunchtime, for instance, I went to look at CHRISTMAS CARDS as part of a GRATE IDEA i had this morning for the VIDEO to go with this year's Christmas Song - but that just led to me thinking of things I'm GOING to need to do in the future. PANIC!

So I've made myself a NEW list, going all the way up to December, featuring the tour, Totally Acoustic podcasts and all MANNER of exciting projects, not least the ongoing writing of "MOON HORSE".

I can RELAX now. There's LOADS to do!

posted 5/10/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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