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Blog: Made In Dagenham

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Yesterday The Pictures In My Film went to the PICTURES to see 'Made In Dagenham'. We haven't been to the pictures in AGES - we used to go a BIT, but had an Unfortunate Incident when a SECURITY GUARD (a security guard! at the pictures!) at West India Quay Cineworld REFUSED to let us in to see a film because we had a carrier bag of shopping with us. Obviously HUMMUS is a TERRORIST THREAT or something.

HOWEVER we had gotten hold of some FREE tickets to see anything we liked, so headed back to West India Quay to give it another go. There were no security guards this time and we strolled in to see our chosen film, which was GRATE!

It seems to be being sold as a SASSY Romantic Comedy or something, so I was surprised how Proper and Serious it was. It was still a BIT romantical and funny, but it was amazing how much of the Actual Politics there was in it, and how unusual it was to see a film saying "YES! COllective Action is a GOOD THING!" NOR did it flinch from ISSUES and was generally ACE.

All right, I know a few people have said that the ACTUAL women were NOT quite as young and attractive as the ones in the film, and that various bits were skirted over/around, but I thought for a British film being made NOW about that sort of thing it did an EXCELLENT job. OKAY YES being a British film that you could actually SIT THROUGH without CRYING TEARS OF DESPAIR is a thing of joy in itself (Yes, yes, I did see "Sex Lives Of The Potato Men", and yes, it did SCAR ME FOR LIFE) but this was a proper thoughtful yet also FUN film like what I thought only The Americans could make.

I only discovered when I got home that the "title song" (which, as usual, was stuck on over the end titles as if they were ashamed of it) had lyrics by Billy Bragg! If I'd've known that I'd've stuck around! But all in all: i recommend seeing this film, it was dead good.

Watch out C WINKLEMAN, you have COMPETITION!

posted 7/10/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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