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Blog: Pre-Orders and Updates

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As we close in on RELEASE DAY for Forest Moon Of Enderby I thought it was about time that i UNLEASHED the MIGHT of pre-ordering. AND SO I HAVE!

THUS, you can now pre-order your copy of Forest Moon Of Enderby direct from us, so it'll be at your house in time for release day of October 18th. Actually, it'll more than likely be there BEFORE then, as I'll probably get a bit excited about it!

To celebrate this momentous occasion I have done a great big all round UPDATE. If you're reading this on the main webpage you'll hopefully have noticed that I've changed everything round to ECHO the lovely design of the new album.

I've also gone all RETRO and Actually Updated Our Myspace page. It's been a LONG time since I've done anything to THAT page and... what? COme on, Myspace! You MUST remember! It was really exciting about two or three years ago - MYSPACE! The one that was like Facebook with bands but no Farmville Updates. THAT'S it.

Anyway, I've updated our Myspace page with a whole HEAP of songs from the new album which you can now preview, and while I was at it I went and updated our Facebook page too!

All right, all I did there was change the main picture, but STILL - I'm not going to start investing HOURS uploading songs and discographies to Facebook. Now there's a film about it coming out it'll probably go the way of FriendsReunited within a couple of months, and I'd rather stick to bandcamp for songs these days.

So yes, apart from that History Of Social Networks LECTURE, the news today is that I've updated all of our web presences and you can pre-order Forest Moon Of Enderby! To this news I say the following: HOORAH!

posted 8/10/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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