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I headed off to London's Fashionable Knightsbridge last night to see some ART. ART! I am, as anyone who knows me will tell you, a big fan of ART and this was just another Private View like what all the others I am always at. The fact that it featured my little brother is, of course, just a coincidence.

Excitingly i got the BUS there - usually i avoid these because I have something of a history of getting LOST on them, but as it went from just outside my office to just outside the gallery it seemed CHURLISH not to.

I arrived to see a small group of people waiting outside, including Cheryl who I'd not seen for AGES, and there was delightful time ofr a delightful chat before we went in. For some reason, when I mentioned my attendance at a Private View on twitter, lots of people said "Enjoy the free beer!" I was AGHAST at the very IDEA that this might have played any part in my decision to enjoy art, and so was not moved in the slightest when I found out the beer needed to be paid for. I hardly noticed, in fact.

The show is called Screening and I must say i rather enjoyed it - the BEST work, of course, was by The Artist Tom Smith (NB although surely his name is Thomas, IT IS HOW HE WAS CHRISTENED?) hem hem, especially the 20th Century Fox logo one which is MY FAVOURITE - tho there was lots also there that I liked, ESPECIALLY a video by Oliver Michaels. It was two people having a conversation, although it quickly became clear that they were mixed together on screen from DIFFERENT conversations. Every few minutes one of the people disappeared to be replaced by someone else, and gradually I worked out who had originally been talking to whom. It was incredibly well done, as ONE'S BRANE very quickly ignored the obvious fact that they WEREN'T real conversations and convince itself that it WAS. It was amazing, each time it started to almost make sense and ALSO to be very funny. My review: It was GRATE!

The one thing I DID wonder though, was when does something become art, and when is it still a really clever idea that someone's posted on b3ta? Not to take anything away from EITHER venue, but lots of things from the gallery could very happily have gone onto the website, and vica versa. Is it just that one is done by Arts Graduates and one by, well, people with Computing Degrees?

With such thoughts of CULTURAL ANARCHY bouncing round my head I hugged my goodbyes and popped into Marks & Spencers Simply Food, where for a minute i thought I was queueing behind THE QUEEN. I'm pretty sure it wasn't, but it was a bit odd - but then, as I realised on walking out, posh people DO look a bit odd, with their bulging foreheads, insufficient hair and Old Yet New clothes.

A night, then of HIGH CONTEMPLATION and CHALLENGING THORT. But that, as I'm sure you're aware, is what THE ART is for, right?

posted 13/10/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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